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Director YARIV MOZER on a Tour in the US with THE INVISIBLE MEN

Meet director Yariv Mozer in the following screenings:

October 6            04:30pm               Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
October 8            02:00pm               O-Cinema Miami, LGBT youth groups
October 11          07:00pm               Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival special screening at Miami Temple of Israel
October 13          05:00pm               Washington D.C. REEL Independent Film Extravaganza
October 14          04:00pm               Washington D.C. JCC
October 16          07:00pm               Hillel Towson University
October 17          07:15pm               Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
October 18          06:30pm               Hille University of Washington
October 21          11:00am               The Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, University of Wisconsin
October 24          09:00pm               Social justice film series - University of California, Merced
October 25          04:30pm               East Bay International Jewish Film Festival
October 30          07:00pm               UC Berkeley, The International House film series
November 8        06:00pm               Purchase Collage

November 9        03:00pm               UN special screening
November 10      06:00pm               Other Israel Film Festival

November 11      07:15pm               Princeton University Unified Film Festival from the Middle East

November 12      07:00pm               Other Israel Film Festival

November 14      07:00pm               St. Louis Hillel at Washington University 

November 16      08:30pm               St. Louis International Film Festival - second annual Human Rights Sidebar

The Film's North American Tour is supported by

the invisible men a film by yariv mozer
the invisible men a film by yariv mozer
the invisible men a film by yariv mozer
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